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Nielsen Outs Online Brand Effect in UK

Nielsen Outs Online Brand Effect in UK


Nielsen has announced the launch of its Online Brand Effect tool for advertisers, agencies and publishers in the UK. The solution lets marketers monitor the reach and resonance of their campaigns in real time.

Online Brand Effect works by recording what are known as classic brand lift metrics. They include improvements in awareness, attitude, favourability, purchase intent, or preference and it’s these metrics that quantify the so-called resonance of campaigns.

There are other pieces of functionality online marketers may find useful too. The system can pinpoint aspects of the ad that are driving performance such as creative execution, site delivery and impact of frequency of exposure.

Online marketers' real time advantage

Nielsen European lead for advertising solutions, Claudia Pardo, revealed that measuring an ad’s impact once the campaign’s over is too late. She emphasised that Online Brand Effects’ real time features could be crucial to marketers.

“To gain the greatest benefit, advertisers, their agencies and online publishers need to understand the reach and resonance of their ads at each and every step of the campaign – they can then adjust the plan while there’s still time to make a real difference,” she explained.

The global information and measurement company has already made Online Brand Effect available in the US and Australia. In the states, Nielsen has said that publishers using the tool have managed to generate on average a 30% higher brand lift for their sites.

Doug Conely, Senior Director of global data and targeting for Exponential has been taking advantage of the tool for a while. “We’ve been using this technology in the US for several years now to maximise brand lift for the advertisers we work with, delivering results that consistently exceed market benchmarks and boost our sales efforts,” he said.

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