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Mobile Clicks up 9% on Black Friday Weekend

Mobile Clicks up 9% on Black Friday Weekend


Mobile clicks during the Black Friday weekend have gone up from 14% in 2011 to 23% this year. There have been figures bandied about that point to more than a million smartphone owners, a user base on the rise and Skimlinks’ own data backs this assertion up.

Black Friday weekend sales were more than 50% higher than a typical holiday season weekend according to Skimlinks’ International e-Commerce Holiday Buying Trends Revealed report. US consumers are apparently now programmed to wait for deals during this specific period.

Unsurprisingly, there are now search terms of choice for US shoppers related to the holiday weekend. This year when Black Friday and Cyber Monday showed up near links, there was a strong indication that there’d be both an increase in clicks and conversions.

Thanksgiving clicks surge

The USA experienced a 53% growth in clicks over Thanksgiving compared to the weekend before. It was the same elsewhere in the world with Canada recording a 30% spike. In Europe, Spain saw a 14% rise, Germany 11%, France 10% and in Great Britain there was 5%.

Skimlinks publisher network data revealed that coupons boost the likelihood of conversion online by 12%. The stat isn’t likely to astonish, but Skimlinks has recommended implementing coupon codes that expire or have limited inventory to drive up demand.

Big data’s been a big buzz word this year and Skimlinks recommends companies have their data in order so it’s ready to utilise during busy season. Re-selling to an existing customer can be five times cheaper and their basket size can be 67% larger than a first-time order.

Tara Walpert Levy, Managing Director of Global Ads Marketing at Google believes 2013 will see advertisers taking advantage of mobile. “2013 will be the year when advertisers catch up with consumers in the mobile space, put digital at the heart of their campaigns, and make strides in attribution so they better understand how online behaviour drives offline sales,” she said.

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