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Marketers must prioritise Google Remarketing in Search

Marketers must prioritise Google Remarketing in Search


Google Remarketing in Search may still be in beta, but Greenlight has stated that it’s imperative that marketers trial the product sooner rather than later. The digital marketing agency believes it will have a substantial impact on the way performance marketers traditionally use remarketing.

Advertisers can target users on Google’s search network based on their keyword search history within SERPS using Remarketing in Search. Users will see a more personalised experience because there will be the opportunity to display ads based on their past engagement with the brand, whether they’re a new user or premium member.

Previously, Adwords was based on the Google display network, which enabled marketers to select audiences based on browsing history. Adwords remarketing media was then positioned to entice potential customers back to a certain webpage where they might be likely to convert.

Paid Media Executive at Greenlight, Ryan Haines, is sure of the potential Google’s new product holds. “Remarketing for Search is a powerful targeting option for marketers,” he said. “In a case study, World Travel Holding says it has seen a significant 145% increase in click through rate (CTR) versus its original campaigns.”

Remarketing in Search benefits

According to Greenlight, Remarketing in Search will bestow advertisers with the ability to monitor bids on expensive generic keywords. Ads will be targeted towards browsers that have already been to a certain site and therefore more likely to convert. Advertisers can then tailor ad copy and bidding strategies based on a customer's browsing and conversion history.

Haines revealed there might be drawbacks for advertisers, though. “Firstly, a concern for most would be the fact that they would essentially be bidding on similar, if not the same keyword for their text ad,” he divulged. “Also, once the specific Remarketing for Search campaigns have a history and gain traction, the quality score should improve thereby helping to reduce cost per click (CPC).”

Google’s policies are also very specific regarding call to action ad copy, which advertisers will need to heed. Even so, Haines could see problems for those marketers who decide against trialling Remarketing in Search throughout their own digital media campaigns.

“I would urge digital marketers to take the initiative to trial and test the product sooner rather than later otherwise they could find themselves left behind on one of Google's most innovative ways to create even more targeted and granular methods of online advertising,” he said.

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