Affiliate Window Breaks Down the Barriers with Live Chat

5 years
    Press Release

“This time it’s personal”…It may be a quote from the not quite cult classic ‘Jaws 4: The Revenge,’ but Affiliate Window’s latest development has taken a sizeable bite out of non-converting publisher leads.

The network’s newest release focuses on potential prospects by providing them with a real life person to connect with before they finally take the plunge and commit to working with an affiliate network. Averaging 80+ conversations each week, it’s clear that these potential publishers are engaging with this new communication tool.

The live chat presents an opportunity to create a great first impression and is the first of many steps to realign Affiliate Window’s focus on holding customer delight above all else.

Affiliate Window live chat

First impressions are vital, they set the tone for the remainder of commercial relationships and being able to interact with an actual person not just on the phone but through instant messenger too means the network is catering to all potential partners.

The chat also allows the network to give dedicated support to those that need it most; those who are at the start of their performance marketing journey. The industry is quite daunting when you first dip your toes in and some virtual hand-holding is likely to go a long way. In an age of heightened expectations and decreasing patience, an instant response can be the difference between a converted lead and a lost customer. It’s evident that the prospective publishers find it useful too: “As Bill & Ted would say… this is most excellent” say Simon Prince of IPC Media.

Coversion rate

The stats back up these sentiments too; since implementing live chat, the conversion rate of publisher sign up forms with Affiliate Window has grown by nearly 15% at its peak, averaging out at a 7% increase. The more the network continues to deliver a personalised service, the more it can hope to delight its users and help immerse them into the industry.

Edwyn McFarlane, Head of Publisher Services at Affiliate Window is thrilled with the engagement and results so far: “Live chat has been a great addition to our platform; it’s the first of many steps to delivering a personalised service to all our publishers and with over a thousand conversations since launch, we’re giving serious consideration to live chat across the whole interface.”