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Australian Affiliate Industry Sees Healthy Gains [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Australian Affiliate Industry Sees Healthy Gains [INFOGRAPHIC]


DGM-commissioned research is showing an Australia that’s in good shape. Three in five retailers indicated they had increased spend in affiliate marketing throughout the past year and the same number intend to spend more in the coming year.

Australia’s known to be still in its infancy. Some big names in Rakuten LinkShare, DGM and OMG are all looking to capitalise on the growth potential in the country. Only 76% of those polled in the survey said they’d been using the channel for five years or less.

Retailers aren’t shying away from writing hefty cheques either. Edentify found that 40% are spending upwards of $26,000 a month on affiliate operations. Of those retail respondents, 46% said they attribute 10% of their online marketing budget to the channel.

Retail is one to watch

John Matthews, General Manager at dgmAustralia, agreed that retail is worth keeping an eye on. “Retail is one sector where there is enormous scope for growth,” he said. “It’s possible a shift in attitude towards capping budgets and treating it more like a sales channel will help retailers connect with the unique benefits of affiliate marketing.”

More of the findings from edentify and DGM’s research into affiliate marketing in Australia can be seen in the infographic below.

DGM Australian infographic

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