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Cyber Monday News Roundup

Cyber Monday News Roundup


Cyber Monday is a marketing term derived from companies looking to persuade people to shop online during the Monday after Thanksgiving. Since it was first used in 2005, consumers have been spending huge amounts on products throughout the day.

In 2010, comScore data reported consumers spent $1.028 Billion online on Cyber Monday, which was the highest spending day of 2010. It’s still an important day for US retailers even now.

We’ve cherry-picked some of the more interesting articles on what to expect during this year’s Cyber Monday.

Looking Ahead to Key Online Spending Days for the 2012 Holiday Season (comScore) - As you might expect, there’s some great insights provided here by internet analytics company, comScore. It has shone the light not just on Cyber Monday, but how it compares with the rest of the year’s holiday season including Thanksgiving Day and Green Monday.

Over 90% of Shoppers Find Their Cyber Monday Shopping Experience Satisfying (ClickZ) - Qualtrics research discovered that even though users enjoyed their Cyber Monday shopping experience, they still felt the need to head into stores. It also found that one in ten would be purchasing on their mobile phone.

QVC Declares Cyber Monday "Mobile Monday" As Shoppers Turn To Mobile & Tablets For Holiday Purchases (PR Newswire) - Shopping retailer, QVC saw a huge 142% increase in mobile orders in Q3. It inspired the company to refer to Cyber Monday as Mobile Monday because of all the consumers it expects to be using mobile and tablet devices for purchasing.

Analysts: Tablets most popular on Black Friday, Cyber Monday (PCWorld) - All the major tablet manufacturers including Apple, Amazon and Google announced new devices in the run up to the holiday season. Even Microsoft joined the party, so you’d have to be stir-crazy to bet against the tablet being the most popular product on Cyber Monday.

Infographic: Holiday Shopping Goes Digital (IgnitionOne) - A percentage-packed infographic that aims to show how e-commerce is quickly catching up with brick and mortar shopping. Digital marketing has never been more important when taking into account IgnitionOne’s findings.

Cyber Monday Draws More Consumers Than Black Friday (Nielsen) - Research and analytics company, Nielsen, has put in its two cents on the big Thanksgiving weekend. It released research accrued from a survey into customer intentions over the two days and found consumers to prefer shopping on Cyber Monday than Black Friday this year.

Cyber Monday: Holiday Shopping Trends & Mobile Ad Campaigns (adotas) - Some good insight into how ad campaigns are set to persuade people to spend their hard-earned cash on Cyber Monday, rather than Black Friday. The article also looks into some of the technologies being used to target consumers.

Cyber Monday has Black Friday running scared (Fox News) - Sensationalist headline aside, Fox does have a few good points scattered throughout this piece. It reported how research found the main draws for consumers shopping on Cyber Monday were one-day deals, discounts and free-shipping offers.

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