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Black Friday News Roundup

Black Friday News Roundup


Have you seen the traditional news outlets of late? They’re awash with all the best deals and discounts from the big chains. Dig deep, though, and you can find some really useful information about the USA’s huge day for retailers.

We’ve put together a collection of the more interesting pieces of coverage relating to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

RPT-Smartphones, tablets spark 'post-pie' Turkey Day sales (Reuters) - Retailers have already coined the phrase, post-pie commerce. It’s the period after food where consumers reach for their tablets and phones to research the best product deals.

Black Friday and the tale of the holiday hashtags (The Washington Post) - Retailers are realising the true promotional power of the hashtag for this year. They’re now ditching attempts at going viral for and instead focusing on reaching customers using Twitter.

Pre-Black Friday Sales Are an Emerging Business Trend (US News & World Report) - Online commerce businesses are taking advantage of being primed to get a headstart on the brick and mortar retailer. They can grab consumers’ attention first by announcing their sales prices before competitors.

Social media on Black Friday: It's in the bag (Chicago Tribune) - Social media is again being touted as the best tool for shoppers to get the most of this big day of knock-down prices. Are you doing enough to get your brand on social and in front of America’s eyeballs?

Stores: Black Friday can wait ... until Friday (USA Today) - Some retailers are using clever marketing to put down their competitors who open stores early. They’re emphasising that Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and not processing orders.

Black Friday: Last Minute Tactics For Retailers To Woo A Smarter Consumer (Forbes) - It’s not too late in the day to perfect your internet presence. Forbes is offering up some great tips on image compression, advert optimisation and message diversification.

Your smartphone could be your best Black Friday shopping pal (PCWorld) - Some of the bigger retailers in the US are making great use of the mobile. Google Maps for Android includes store-specific maps with product locations and prices, making it simpler for consumers to navigate vast amounts of retail real estate.

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