Unique Brand-to-Consumer Mobile Couponing Service Goes Live

5 years
    Press Release

A new, more fun way to shop is now being trialled by an exclusive group of 1,000 plus savvy shoppers in Britain. Billed as the first brand-to-consumer mobile couponing experience, this select group of shoppers are now receiving exclusive deals from the brands they love on their smartphones and getting cashback in the process.

At the heart of the new couponing service are apps developed by Shopitize, one of Britain’s top 6 innovators according to network giant Cisco. Users simply register for the service and download the couponing app to receive exclusive deals on their phones.

The days when consumers had to clip or print coupons or memorise voucher codes to take advantage of cashback deals could well be numbered.

All users need to do is visit their supermarket and buy the featured smartphone coupon product. Using the Shopitize app, they check the promoted product’s barcode and take snaps of their paper shopping receipts, which are then automatically processed and validated by the Shopitize mobile ecosystem. Consumers are rewarded by cashback either by PayPal or cheque.

The new shopping service is being trialled for a limited period and some of the nation’s biggest brands including Kellogg’s and United Biscuits are already on board to be at the forefront of this unique predictive digital shopping channel.

“Mobile technology is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives, and Shopitize is the first mobile couponing system we have seen that operates right across the retail trade,” says Sam Blunt, brand experience and digital controller at Kellogg’s UK.

He adds: “As a leading brand, Kellogg’s aims wherever possible to embrace and support innovation that could enhance the shopper experience and Shopitize has the potential to do just that.”

United Biscuits endorses this vision and is looking to add Shopitize’s digital shopping channel to the mix of its marketing campaigns. According to the manufacturer, the big win the user gets from Shopitize is the fact that the app gets round the challenges associated with redeeming paper coupons in store. With Shopitize, there is no need to scan a mobile barcode at the till, which supermarket tills can struggle to do.

Mobile deals such as McVities Jaffa Cakes, Kellogg’s Special K, Crunchy Nut and Coco Pops cereals, Pringles and Special K Cereal Bars are already included in the trial offering deals of up to 50% off than the usual retail price.

Shopitize expects the number of brands involved to further increase as it completes commercial discussions with FMCGs.

“With a wealth of information at their fingertips, consumers are savvier than ever,” adds Irina Pafomova, Shopitize’s managing director. “They're also much less likely to be swayed by traditional, in-your-face advertising and commercials.

“Instead, they want to be entertained and engaged by marketers. As more users join and use Shopitize to share their shopping data in privacy, brands will be able to better target the profiles of consumers and offer them highly personal and exclusive offers based on their precise shopping behaviour. This can drastically improve the efficiency of brands’ promotional spends.

“In short, consumers want to have shopping fun – shopping nirvana via their mobile - and brands want the ultimate bridge to reach consumers directly with relevant offers in the shortest timeframe. That’s precisely what Shopitize is delivering.”

How Shopitize works:

With Shopitize, users get cashback by taking advantage of offers on specific products sent to their mobiles. This allows for a significantly higher amount of value being transferred to customers compared to traditional retailer schemes, where points are earned on the total amount spent regardless of product choice.

Shopitize’s offering to consumers is easy, highly rewarding and a fun way to shop for everyday items. These three things define a positive shopping experience for consumers in today’s market and are set to drive the adoption of the app by users.

Shopitize is dedicated to becoming a leading player in mass personalisation of brands’ promotional offers that are individually tailored to shopping behaviour, lifestyle and real-time context of consumers.

In doing so, Shopitize puts the consumer in the centre of the buying circle and gives brands the tools to join each consumer’s circle of trusted brands. In turn, consumers are able to monetise their loyalties, while brands optimise their marketing spend, resulting in savings for both.


Shopitize’s Android app can be downloaded at: http://j.mp/ShopitizeGP

Shopitize’s iPhone app can be downloaded at: http://j.mp/ShopitizeiOS