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Retailer Tweets Fuel Purchasing

Retailer Tweets Fuel Purchasing


Twitter users that see 12 or more retailer tweets are 32% more likely to buy from retailers compared to all users exposed to retail Tweets. Compete’s research has ascertained that the volume of tweets from a retailer does have a bearing on consumer purchasing behaviour.

Tweets help purchasing

Findings revealed tweet exposure can also lead to a higher volume visiting retail sites. Twitter users have been shown to visit retailer websites at a higher rate (95.2% and 94.4%) than general internet users (89.9%). It’s significant because of the 95% confidence level.

Compete drilled further into verticals and found the trend remained true, particularly in the niche categories where it was often magnified. For example, general internet users searching for deals were about 20% likely to visit a retail site, whereas Twitter users were a little under 50%.

Twitter influences verticals

Findings relate to desktop use

The Boston, MA-based research company used an opt-in panel of over two million users during the back-to-school period. The US internet panel was comprised of desktop Twitter internet users on the website. So no phones, tablets or third-party applications were used.

Retailer tweets have been confirmed to have an effect on consumer buying as well. Compete ascertained that 26.9% of US internet users purchase something during the analysis timeframe. Twitter users exposed to a tweet bought at a 38.9% rate.

The trend was again magnified when Compete looked at specific verticals. The chance of a consumer making an apparel and accessories purchase doubled from 4% to 8% when they viewed a retailer tweet. In the computer and electronics niche it quadrupled from 1% to 4%.

Twitter influences vertical purchasing

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Simon Holland

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