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Apple Beating Samsung in Global Ad Impressions

Apple Beating Samsung in Global Ad Impressions


Apple is notching up more ad impressions than Samsung according to Adfonic’s Global AdMetrics Report Q3 2012. However, both companies increased their share of global ad impressions in relation to their other closest competitors.

Nokia and RIM are Apple and Samsung’s two closest competitors in terms of ad impressions, but both still lost ground. RIM lost two percentage points from 10% in Q2 to 6% in Q3 and Nokia saw its share dwindle from 9% to 8%.

Manufacturer ad impressions

Apple may have benefited from Nokia and RIM’s lost percentage points. The iPhone manufacturer widened the gap to second-placed Samsung by two percentage points, despite Gartner revealing the Korean company is outselling Apple.

Q4 lead may increase

Victor Malachard, CEO of mobile buying platform, Adfonic, believes Apple’s lead could increase. “These results don’t take into account the impact of new Apple devices such as the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and the new iPad, which will be felt during Q4,” he said.

Adfonic’s report highlights the speed in which some mobile devices are adopted. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 quickly made it to sixth in global ad impressions with 1.4% of all impressions despite only becoming widely available in July 2012.

Another new contender, Google’s Nexus 7, achieved tenth place in North American ad impressions and accounted for 1.4% of the region’s total impressions. An impressive statistic considering the device has only been on sale since June of this year.

New device impressions

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