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FusePump’s New Performance Marketing Hub

FusePump’s New Performance Marketing Hub


FusePump announces the availability of its performance marketing hub for advertisers and agencies. The overriding purpose of the hub is to help advertisers and agencies generate incremental revenue from their affiliate programmes.

Retailers can use the hub to gain a clearer insight into the actions of affiliates, according to FusePump. Alternatively, publishers can download all the information necessary to create a better product for the consumer. Agencies, on the other hand, can also use it for both controlling client inventories and creating display ads.

The unified interface houses FusePump’s more established tools, FeedCreator, AdCreator and WidgetCreator. Using FeedCreator publishers can focus on specific products from a merchant’s feed to ensure they correspond with their target audience.

Design ad campaigns

AdCreator’s a utility for creating IAB-standard banner units. The content inside the unit can all be updated automatically to accommodate seasonality, promotions and other time-dependant marketing campaigns.

WidgetCreator provides functionality for building widget content units that are also up to IAB standards. Entire product catalogues can be displayed in a single ad unit with filter options, which help consumers quickly locate what they’re searching for.

FusePump is hoping its new solution will address recent findings in the Affiliate Census that revealed only 38% of affiliates receive direct contact from merchants. The hub gives merchants the power to contact their publishers directly using email, targeted messaging and promotional updates.

Hub customisation

Customisation options are provided by FusePump to give it similar branding to that of the merchant it’s being used for. The hub can be tailored on a modular basis with forums, blogs and direct mail correspondence.

Tesco Direct is one of the first brands to make use of FusePump’s performance marketing hub. Other companies that are already using the technology are Bliss, Wallis, Achica and chocolate maker, Thorntons.

Commercial Director at FusePump, Sean McAuley, spoke of how his company’s new product assists interaction between merchant and publisher. “The hub enables and extends communication between merchants and publishers to maximise advertising efforts along with a unified marketing message,” he said.

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