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Be successful at sponsored tweeting

Be successful at sponsored tweeting


The past few years have seen an explosion of advertising opportunities through Twitter allowing everyday tweeters to be compensated for sharing content via the microblogging service.

Most paid to tweet services, such as MyLikes and Sponsored Tweets are operated by independent companies running through Twitter’s API and invite members to post tweets based on campaigns that various advertisers have created. These offers generally pay on a per click or per tweet basis.

You can also monetise by tweeting affiliate links through companies such as Amazon and Netflix and earning a referral commission for each sale your link generates.

Regardless of the services you choose to help you earn, there are a few things you should know to maximise your potential and ensure that your efforts are successful.

Establish THEN Monetise

If you create a Twitter account today, you should not expect to earn from it tomorrow. Just like you wouldn’t start living in a house before the walls are erected or the utilities connected, you should not expect to start earning from your Twitter stream until you have mastered a tweeting routine, found your voice and established an audience.

To make it easy, let’s call it the rule of 100. Once your Twitter account has been around 100 days (approximately three months) and you have sent 100 tweets and gathered 100 followers, you are probably ready to start monetising.

Be Engaging

Advertisers are flocking to Twitter to reach your audience and the influence you carry with them. To be successful on Twitter and advertising via Twitter, your main priority should be engaging with your followers by asking and responding to questions and posting informational links as well as retweeting and conversing with your connections.

This is how you will build trust and authority. The more authority you have, the more you will be mentioned and retweeted and the more people will follow you organically. The more influential you are, the better your sponsored tweets will perform resulting in more offers and bigger payouts.

More Than Numbers

While you do need to have a following large enough to make it worth advertising to, how those followers are obtained and how engaged they are with you makes a difference.

I’m sure you’ve all seen services which promise to gain thousands of followers for you overnight. The problem is that these followers are largely bots and spam accounts and useless in terms of both engagement and advertising. To an advertiser, it is much more beneficial to have an ad displayed to a thousand engaged followers than it is to have that same ad displayed to 10,000 bots and spam accounts.

Content Ratio

Sure, it’s great to get paid and it’s hard to refuse when payment offers for 140 characters of your time are received. However, keep in mind that no one likes spam. In fact, too much advertising can become like white noise and skimmed over without actually being read (or clicked). Ideally, your Twitter stream as a whole should be no more than 25% sponsored content.


Any reputable advertiser or firm will require disclosure. This can be as simple as adding “ad” or “sp” in your tweet. In the USA, disclosure is mandated by the FTC. Providing an opinion without indicating that a material relationship exists between you and the advertiser can result in sanctions against the advertiser. Any advertiser who asks you not to disclose should be treated warily.

So there you have it! No matter how you choose to monetise, you now have the tools and the knowhow to optimise your earning potential. Happy tweeting!

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