EyeTrackShop Awarded Anderson Analytics’ Disruptive Innovation Award

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New York, NY (November 13, 2012) EyeTrackShop, the leaders in digital marketing research and developers of the world’s first biometric online eye tracking solution for webcams, is excited to announce that is has become the honorary recipient of this year’s Next Gen Market Research Disruptive Innovation Award. The accolade recognizes companies who have effectively harnessed disruptive technology and taken a leadership role within the research industry to drive results and progress within their respective fields.

As part of the award proceedings, EyeTrackShop will be featured on a panel discussion, as well as the NMGR (Next Gen Market Research) and TMR (The Market Research) blogs with entries explaining their selection for the award and the achievements they’ve come to accomplish.

“We are extremely proud to be receiving this distinguished award on behalf of Anderson Analytics,” says Mathias Plank, CEO and founder of EyeTrackShop. “It is a prestigious observance and validation of our efforts to strive for the best and provide first class services through the method of online eye tracking. We believe this recognition will only drive us to reach higher in improving industry standards and ensuring our product provides the most accurate data to our clients in order to benefit their bottom line.”

“We received several great nominations this year again, about 30 firms and several worthy individuals were represented. It’s always a challenge for the NGMR board of advisors to select winners among so many deserving candidates; we feel that EyeTrackShop exemplifies the criteria we seek in a recipient,” says Tom H.C. Anderson, Managing Partner of Anderson Analytics. “We are confident we made the correct choice in naming this year’s NGMR disruptive innovator.”

EyeTrackShop will be presented with the award at the TMR Event in Boca Raton, FL on Tuesday, November 13, at 10:30 AM, when the winners of each category will be announced.

About EyeTrackShop

EyeTrackShop is the world’s first biometric online eye tracking solution. We deliver fast actionable insights for optimizing communication and design, and help marketers increase ROI by using communication that is seen. Our solution is simple with no hardware or software to install. We utilize consumers’ regular webcams to test simultaneously around the word at a fraction of the cost of traditional eye tracking.