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Tradedoubler unveils mobile app marketing SDK

Tradedoubler unveils mobile app marketing SDK


Tradedoubler has taken the wraps of a mobile app marketing solution for advertisers. The performance marketing and technology company has stated its clients will now be able to drive app downloads, increase customer engagement and generate leads or sales.

VeryLastRoom is the first advertiser on board and its new app takes advantage of Tradedoubler's mobile tracking technology. It allows customers to buy hotel rooms that increase in discount the closer it gets to the booking date. The company’s CEO, Nicolas Salin, waxed lyrical about the insights that Tradedoubler’s app marketing solution provides.

“By integrating Tradedoubler’s new SDK we can very quickly see which marketing channels are working hardest for us to generate the most in-app revenue,” he said. “What’s more, we only pay for results, making it the ultimate in performance marketing for apps.”

App tracking for advertisers

The app tracking SDK provides advertisers with the ability to track the number of app downloads generated by a publisher, in-app sales and leads post-download related to either smartphones or tablets. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

Advertisers can take advantage of time-limited affiliate marketing campaigns for apps as well. The feature should give businesses a helping hand in revealing high-performing affiliates in addition to tracking in-app purchase behaviour, revenue generated and engagement levels after the original download.

Marcel Chaudron, Product Director Affiliate Marketing at Tradedoubler, believes his company’s solution to be a first. “Tradedoubler is the only affiliate marketing network with a suite of integrated online, mobile web and app solutions that provides partners with a complete view of consumers’ increasingly complex, multi-channel purchasing journeys,” he described.

Tradedoubler may be the first network to offer advertisers certain datasets on affiliates' mobile app activities, but there are many other global companies with similar offerings. Revived Media has its own CPI product and MobPartner is a network dedicated to the mobile channel.

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