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mySupermarket launches grocery comparison app

mySupermarket launches grocery comparison app


Companion App for mySupermarket released that lets consumers compare the prices of groceries across online shops. So for example when you’re browsing milk on Waitrose, you can click the app and view the price through other merchants such as Sainsbury’s and Asda.

The mySupermarket app is built as a browser extension for Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It also means that because it’s an extension, the software is platform agnostic meaning there's both Mac and Windows support.

Invisible Hand has a similar award-winning concept. It too is a browser extension, but it has a different remit to mySupermarket’s. Invisible Hand is more consumer electronics and travel-focused with the ability to compare shopping, flights, hotels and rental cars.

Major supermarket savings

mySupermarket says that its app will help consumers save at least 20%. Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Asda are supported by the Companion App. It currently offers three types of shop in groceries, health and beauty and wine.

The swap and save suggestions in the mySupermarket Companion App showcase more time-dependant offers like buy one get one free and vouchers. The new Savvy Buys feature lets the consumer know when a product is a least 30% cheaper than it has been all year.

James Foord, VP of Business Development at mySupermarket, believes his app can benefit everyone. “Our Companion app is like having mySupermarket constantly looking out for you,” he said. “And we have so many ways to help customers save now that it can make a difference to anyone.”

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Simon Holland

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