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BT overtakes Sky in ad impressions

BT overtakes Sky in ad impressions


BT Group has passed BSkyB in the UK display stakes according to recent ComScore data. In the third quarter of this year, BT Group recorded nearly 2.6 billion ad impressions compared to BSkyB’s 2.4 billion.

BSkyB has clearly been curtailing its display efforts for some time. During the past 12 months impressions have plummeted by 62% from 3.9 billion in Q3 2011 to 2.4 billion in Q3 2012*. In the last quarter of 2011 it notched up over 4.4 billion ad impressions, nearly double BT Group’s 2.4 billion.

ComScore UK ad impressions

Other firms that have traditionally been in BSkyB’s rear view mirror are now within touching distance of the broadcasting company’s quarterly ad impressions. The likes of Virgin Group, Microsoft Corporation and eBay are all shown to be close in the ComScore data.

Broadening investment

The dwindling impressions suggest BSkyB is altering its online marketing strategy. During a recent presentation at a4uexpo London, the company’s Online Marketing Controller - Strategy & Planning, Helen Southgate revealed various details about how certain channels were performing compared to others.

Attribution seems to now be a key consideration at BSkB, which said 76% of customer journeys involve multiple channels. The stat likely means the broadcaster will be hesitant about investing too heavily in any one channel.

Southgate made no mention of reigning in any of the £10.1 million BSkyB currently invests in advertising every month. Nothing concrete can be drawn from this fact, but there’s a chance the same budgeted cash has been funnelled elsewhere, into other online channels such as affiliate or search.

A4u asked for comment from both BT Group and BSkyB on ComScore's findings, but both declined the opportunity.

UPDATE *ComScore's number crunching isn't as infallible as you might expect. BSkyB's 12-month percentage decrease between Q3 2011 and Q3 2012 should read as 38.5%.

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