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Google Wallet goes mobile

Google Wallet goes mobile


Google Wallet has rolled out mobile phone purchases. The latest update to Google’s payment service mean that consumers will be able to go through a checkout process that has been optimised for the small screen.

Google has stated that users will no longer need to enter credit or debit card numbers, billing address or other payment information for that matter. It will all be stored in Google Wallet, securely of course.

Most people have tried to purchase items on their phone. The majority of stores aren’t built for the small screen and can be an altogether frustrating experience for anybody trying to buy an item. It’s little surprise recent stats show shopping cart abandonment on mobiles to be at 97%.

Three-step payment

Three steps is all it takes for a mobile purchase to be made on Google Wallet now. A user clicks the Buy with Google Wallet button, then logs into Google Wallet and they’re then able to click a button to complete the order.

A number of launch partners have been secured by Google are and It also has several in the pipeline that have possibly yet to allign their payment mechanism with Google’s including Finish Line,, Seamless and

The uptake of Google Wallet in terms of both merchants and consumers isn’t at a rate that Google would like. Yet, it’s not like any other mobile wallet providers have managed to get a foothold either. All Google can do at this stage is continue to make its offering as functional as possible to all its users.

Google Wallet is still only available in the USA. However there is a UK holding page and Osama Bedier, Vice President of Payments at Google, revealed earlier this year in an interview that the service could go live at a European city in 2012.

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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