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Majority of users allow cookies

Majority of users allow cookies


TRUSTe research has revealed that 58.4% of web surfers are continuing to browse sites without changing their cookie configuration. A negligible amount (0.05%) are allowing so-called “Required” or “Functional cookies on websites that makes use of TRUSTe’s EU Consent Manager.

November is earmarked for the publication of a progress report on the Cookie Directive by the Information Commissioner’s Office. However, TRUSTe believes its own figures show businesses are well on there way to addressing the directive and building more consumer trust through greater transparency.

The company produces several data privacy management solutions and was able to review the action taken by a sample of 3.5 million users in its Consent Manager product. The data segment was taken across 29 different UK website implementations from June to September 2012.

Few delve deeper into cookie preferences

Only a small minority (1.47%) opted to learn more about their preferences by clicking Cookie Preferences and going to the About Cookies page. Of these, 8.2% chose to view the Cookie Settings where there were several options available for different levels of cookie use.

Settings were changed to Minimal Cookies by 26.8% of web users, which is described as “cookies required to enable core site functionality”. Functional Cookies, referred to as “cookies that allow us to analyse site usage so we can measure and improve”, was selected by 26.8%.

Danilo Labovic, MD EMEA at TRUSTe, feels his company’s solution, EU Consent Manager solution, is helping businesses deal with the E-Privacy Directive’s guidelines while keeping consumers onside.

“Sites with a robust compliance solution are not experiencing significant opt-out rates and at the same time are further building trust with their customers by giving them both notice of the tracking activity and the ability to easily make an informed choice about their tracking preferences,” he said.

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