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Weve announces collaborative mobile wallet

Weve announces collaborative mobile wallet

Weve is the brainchild of EE, O2 and Vodafone as they combine for the purposes of m-commerce. The alliance is intent on making it easier for any organisation looking to engage with a consumer base that’s traditionally been spread across operators, services, platforms, channels and technologies.

The unified formation of networks is said to be offering a new set of experiences for organisations involved in mobile. They’ll be able to take advantage of mobile marketing, advertising, payment, transactions, loyalty programmes and coupons.

Operationally speaking, Weve doesn’t yet appear to be completely up to speed. The firm currently has a number of vacancies listed on its site. In total Weve has said it’s looking to employ around 150 staff to help move m-commerce forward.

Previously Project Oscar

Project Oscar, as Weve was previously known, experienced a tumultuous start to life. Three unsuccessfully argued with the European Union about how it wasn’t invited to become part of the venture and was instead offered the chance to sign on as a customer.

Google and Paypal were also on Oscar’s case. They expressed concern about mobile networks potentially storing bank details on SIM cards and preventing access from third-party solutions. In September, though, the Commission gave its stamp of approval.

Tony Moretta, Director at Weve, is pleased with the company’s progress. “Now we have announced our name we can begin commercial conversations, hire new employees, put all the systems and processes in place that a new company needs and creating the products and services we want to bring to market,” he said.

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