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LoopMe’s answer to poorly optimised mobile ads

LoopMe’s answer to poorly optimised mobile ads


Inbox ad format for mobile launched by LoopMe Media. Publishers and app developers can now add a LoopMe button to their product, which consumers can click to expand and see a plethora of promotions, brand experiences, apps and offers.

LoopMe Media has stated it developed the solution to address some of the popular problems that app developers and publishers face. Both want to increase advertising revenue, but find the slew of current formats intrusive and poorly optimised for mobile devices.

Usability of LoopMe’s offering is said to be straightforward. Users can interact with several advertisers in a single session and they aren’t moved out of the app, so web browsing isn’t a problem. They can simply click the back button to return.

Social sharing options are integrated in the inbox media. Adverts can be liked and offers can be shared. Publishers can get breakdown of this ad interaction to potentially build a better picture of the advertisers that are trustworthy and performing well.

Transparent approach

LoopMe thinks its more transparent approach to marketing will help it counter the more intrusive and aggressive forms of mobile advertising. It hopes to prevent click fraud, accidental clicks and bad customer experience.

Stephen Upstone, CEO of LoopMe Media, comes with some background in the advertising industry. He believes the ad format is an industry first in the way it gives the consumer a clear marketing choice.

“Our new ‘ad inbox’ is unintrusive and actually gives choice and power back to the user,” he said. “It’s the first ad format to capitalise on the influence that peers and social networks have on purchasing decisions and uses social advocacy to create more compelling customer experiences."

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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