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VigLink upgrades iTunes affiliate links

VigLink upgrades iTunes affiliate links


iTunes affiliate links now contain location information thanks to a joint venture between VigLink and GeoRiot. VigLink’s monetisation engine is being combined with international iTunes and App Store affiliate service, GeoRiot.

VigLink will now detect what country a user’s browsing from and ensure they are directed to their local iTunes store by way of the right affiliate program, where possible. The idea is to increase Apple iTunes sales and ensure publishers earn more.

Until now, the basic iTunes hyperlink has only been able to point to one store and one affiliate programme. Understandably, it’s not an ideal solution given iTunes spans 155 countries that collectively house dozens of country-specific affiliate programmes.

Affiliate process automated

Content owners looking to take advantage of VigLink’s new offering needn’t become entangled in the lengthy process of old. The manual process of applying to each affiliate programme and posting a distinct URL for each country is now done automatically.

iTunes publisher earnings

Publishers using VigLink will be able to continue linking to iTunes, App Store, iBookstore. However, the content monetisation company has said publishers will reap the rewards of the improved international traffic handling, with a 90% plus rise in iTunes link revenue already recorded.

CEO and Founder of VigLink, Oliver Roup, revealed the importance of location information. “Geography matters to users who want a local experience, to merchants like iTunes who want to better serve their customers, and to publishers who deserve to be fairly compensated for the business they drive,” he said.

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