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Getting more from affiliate reporting

Getting more from affiliate reporting


Monetise’s Senior Affiliate Manager, Ricky May, offers an insight into the reporting features that affiliates should be using to improve their performance and earnings.

Basic overview reporting

Let’s begin with what most affiliates have a look at every day, ‘The Dashboard’. It's the main overview that shows them how much they have earned that day.

This shows you a list of the campaigns you are currently running and how many conversions you have generated that day. An example of this can be seen below where we are only running one example offer.

Monetise campaign summary

Monetise offer more detailed reports as well as can be seen below:

Monetise detailed reports

The daily summary will show a breakdown by day for the given month. The date ranges can be changed easily to see which days are more profitable for you. This will help you to see if, for example, commission spikes are up at the weekend or on any other given days.

Sub-Affiliate Reporting

One of the most useful and underused features on our platform and others is the use of SubIDs.

We have 5 available slots for your SubID use and below are some of the main benefits of using subids:

  • Track performance from different traffic sources
  • Track performance from different pages from within your site
  • Track conversions generated from a specific email send
  • Track performance of keywords when using Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Track campaign performance alongside your own tracking platform by placing your own tracking pixel

Sub-IDs in Detail

A lot of CPA affiliates nowadays use more than one source that needs to be tracked. These might include: website, newsletter, solus email, PPC, Pay Per View (PPV), Contextual, and many more. The need for tracking could be as simple as just recording that traffic as coming from a particular email/newsletter, or it could go as deep as recording the keyword used in Google Adwords for example.

It can be difficult to monitor the performance of multiple sources if you are not using SubIDs. Knowing whether a traffic source is backing out for you (especially for paid traffic) is a vital part of becoming a successful affiliate. Knowing where to plough more money in and also where to cut it off are equally important and can be the difference from making a campaign a success or not.

Setting up a Sub-ID

When you are logged into your Monetise Affiliate Portal, once you have got your tracking link you are going to be using, it will look like this:;=9029&s1;=

This will work absolutely fine, but to get the most out of our platform you can append up to 5 SubIDs as follows:;=9029&s1;=SUBID1&s2;=SUBID2&s3;=SUBID3&s4;=SUBID4&s5;=SUBID5

You can then use them to breakdown your traffic sources. Let’s use two examples below to understand how you could be using them (you do not have to use all five of course).

Working Example

For PPC, you may want to use several of the available SubID slots to breakdown your traffic as follows:;=9029&s1;=PPC&s2;=Adwords&s3;=#keyword#

You would then use this link on you Paid Search platform to track the different keywords you are bidding on by dynamically populating the keyword from them.

Below is a screenshot of how Monetise’s reporting can break down your commission by SubID.

Commission SubID

As you can see, in the example we have traffic coming from ‘Email’ and ‘PPC’. This was achieved by including s1=Email / s1=PPC respectively at the end of your tracking link.

Digging even deeper

It is always best to use the first available SubID (s1) for the main differentiator, but what about when you are using more than one?

This is where the ‘Click’ and ‘Conversion’ reports come in.

Below is a screenshot of an example ‘click’ report.

Monetise click report

Here is where you can analyse all the clicks you are sending to offers and breakdown your traffic sources even further. You can also see where your conversions are in this report in the column titled ‘Paid Action’.

Obviously when you are running multiple campaigns you are going to have a lot of data here, so by viewing the ‘Conversion’ report you can (see below) you can just look at the data that belongs to conversions.

Monetise conversion report

Making the most of the different reporting features we have covered goes a long way to making you a better affiliate which will ultimately lead to you making more money!

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Ricky May

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