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Search was a big part of the discussion at a4uexpo London from the get go. One of the first sessions of the event was titled 60 tips in 60 minutes: Social, Search & Conversion. It was a real educational power hour for attendees, with three presenters giving away 20 tips from their chosen fields.

SEO Director at OMD UK, Sam Crocker provided some really useful pointers and we’ve summarised five of the best tools from his search-oriented stint on stage, perfect for anybody who didn’t make a4uexpo London or couldn't keep up with the relentless stream of information.


One of the first tools to appear on Crocker’s slide deck was Zemanta. It’s a content suggestion engine for bloggers and other content creators that basically enhances your copy and boosts its SEO value.


The basic plugin has three features that are sure to be of interest to anybody in the content game. First up is the option to add relevant images to your post. Zemanta helps by including the image’s credit information.

Related article links can be added to the end of your blog post. Zemanta suggests content from IMDB, Amazon, Myspace, Flickr, YouTube and more. The plug-in can also make in-text link recommendations based on keywords in your content.

Netpeak Checker

A free tool for prospecting or evaluating the links pertaining to a specific time period. You can assign a set of URLs for the downloadable software to analyse and it can display all manner of detailed information.

Netpeak Checker

A full breakdown of the parameters analysed by Netpeak Checker can be found on the developer’s website. Some of the more interesting points its able to determine include Alexa Rank, Backlinks Ahrefs, Google Index, server country, Diggs and various Facebook facts.


Crocker seemed to back up claims made by LinkResearchTools’ developer that it’s the only SEO tool you’ll ever need. He revealed that the service allowed you to dig deeper into links even if you are on a shoestring budget.

The suite features some useful utilities such as the Link Juice Thief, which sells itself as being able to analyse the links used by your competitors. Of course you can use it to check the outbound links of any website, with the aim being to get backlinks from those generated by the tool.

SERP Research Tool

One other interesting feature of LinkResearchTools is the option to do a spot of link prospecting. With the SERP Research Tool function you can uncover a wealth of quality backlinks from a URL of your choosing. You can then use those backlinks on your website.


Client business executives might not have a complete grasp of SEO and how it can benefit their business, which is where BrightEdge comes into play. Crocker described it as a great tool for providing transparency and saving time.

BrightEdge keywords

BrightEdge gives companies that extra slice of insight so they’re able to see the actual business value of search engine optimisation. More specifically, SEO campaigns can be prioritised based on forecasted revenue.

The service contains some quite detailed reporting functionality, which when used correctly, can give you valuable insight into how your organic search performance compares with your competitors.


Everybody has the often-quoted stats that are the result of research into the psychology of web users and, specifically, how long they’ll wait for a site to render. The figures usually peg the average user’s load time patience at between eight and ten seconds before they give up.

What’s even more important is how Google has been factoring site speed into search rankings for some time now. According to Crocker, a one second delay in response can reduce conversion rate by 7%. It means that for site owners, page load speed should be a top consideration.

WebPagetest provides detailed information about how your site performs in different locations and on various browsers. Side by side comparison lets you see how your own site compares to your biggest competitors.


Crocker revealed that even some of the more renowned voucher websites struggle with optimisation. Webpagetest showed Net Voucher responded in 11.3 seconds, VoucherCloud in 8.5 seconds, MyVoucherCodes 5.9 and VoucherCodes in 10.8.

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