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Affiliate channel’s big role at Sky

Affiliate channel’s big role at Sky


Sky’s recent presentation at a4uexpo London revealed how affiliates have the largest share of pure channel orders. Pure paid search played second fiddle to affiliate with only 7%. Whereas pure display was 2% and pure SEO brought up the rear with 1%.

The satellite television company isn’t completely focused on affiliate, though. It divulged that 76% of journeys involve multiple channels. Sky also discovered that each order receives on average of four interactions as the customer goes through each stage of the sales funnel.

Big data’s usage in Sky’s umbrella comes hardly as a surprise given its sprawling base. The company boasts an impressive £10.1 million in ad spend per month as it pushes to target some of its 10.6 million customer base with various marketing campaigns.

The Sky websites are bombarded with billions of impressions and in its shop alone there are one million visits per week. Websites aren’t Sky’s only digital access point with the consumer. The broadcaster has an array of apps including Sky Sport, Sky Go and Sky +.

Sky's attribution use

It’s because of Sky’s various customer-facing interfaces that make attribution so important. The topic was discussed in depth during the a4uexpo London session. Sky noted that affiliates are involved in 25% more sales that those awarded on last click. It meant that 75% were involved, but not in the last click.

Breaking Sky’s attribution figures down further showed how SEO was the main cause for overwriting affiliates at 57%. Paid search was responsible for a little over a quarter at 26% and display came in at 17%.

On the flipside you might imagine that affiliates overwrite SEO the most given the previous dataset, but this isn’t the case. Instead, paid search does to the tune of 49%. Display had the smallest piece of the pie at 18%, whereas SEO was just in front on 33%.

Sky's figures reveal its healthy regard for the affiliate channel as well-founded. It'll be interesting to see how the company uses big data in the future to further its cross-channel campaigns and how these might affect future sales.

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