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Q&A: How AJinteractive was sold to digitalbox

Q&A: How AJinteractive was sold to digitalbox


Selling your company isn’t the easiest task as Alex Attinger found when he handed the reins of AJ Interactive to DigitalBox earlier this year. Since then, the two have been working together on combining their businesses. Now, having launched a new web presence, former CEO and now Joint CEO, Attinger, discussed the finer points of the digitalbox deal with A4u.

Why did you decide this year was the right time to sell AJInteractive?

We spent the previous 5 years forming the business, working out what we're good at and most importantly what we're bad at! We felt the business had a clear focus on performance marketing and simply needed some refinement and support from people who had built successful businesses previously, digitalbox was the perfect partner.

How did you go about seeking a buyer?

We started by speaking to contacts we knew from the industry, by chance digitalbox contacted us soon after and conversations went from there.

How has digitalBox improved the business since you joined forces?

Like many small businesses we had picked up bad habits, especially when it came to team structure and accountability, digitalbox has helped us clearly define who does what, the team now plays to their strengths and overall the business is far more efficient, its been painful at times but worth it!

What other big changes have you noticed since digitalBox’s involvement?

We think bigger and we have the confidence to make bolder decisions, our goal has always been to build a successful company but now we truly believe we can develop into a market leader over the next few years.

What does the future hold for digitalBox?

Expanding the team with quality people is top of the list, we've spent the past few years developing various web sites and marketing platforms which are starting to deliver the results we knew they would, the plan now is to build an amazing team of talented individuals who can help digitlabox move to the next stage.

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