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Revived Media brings CPI to apps

Revived Media brings CPI to apps


Revived Media has launched a CPI model for mobile app developers. The performance-based mobile marketing digital ad agency believes the initiative will help developers across the world generate non-incentivised app installs.

Only the highest quality of consumers who install and actively use mobile apps are produced by the mobile app tracking platform, according to Revived Media. The agency also states that the offering is available to both iOS and Android.

Cost per install is far from being a new concept. Canadadian performance outfit, Neverblue, recently launched its Game Performance Network for developers. The recent trend is of companies appearing to now favour CPI over a more incentive-based alternative.

CPI overtaking incentivisation in app market

Incentivising app installs offers developers a user base of poor quality. Most of the time users only install the app to receive freebies. Even app store owners, Google and Apple, are losing their patience with the model. They’ve recently been cracking down on rankings earned using incentives.

Revived Media claims its CPI-driven installations are of higher quality than incentivised traffic. The agency says focusing on users with a real interest in the app’s content will fuel growth virally through friend and family recommendations.

CEO of Revived Media, Ralph Ruckman, believes his agency’s development background is beneficial to clients. “As app developers and marketers ourselves, we know exactly what to do in order to drive high quality app installs who will come back to the app and engage it time and time again,” he said

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Simon Holland

Simon Holland

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