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A4u Programme of the Week: Donald Russell

A4u Programme of the Week: Donald Russell


Name: Donald Russell

Contact: Matthew Wilcock


Could you tell us about Donald Russell?

Donald Russell is Britain’s leading mail order meat supplier and a Royal Warrant holder. The company is based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and have pioneered online butchery while maintaining time honoured methods to guarantee the best meat you’ll ever taste. Donald Russell opened its doors in 1974, in our early years we supplied gourmet meats to some of the top restaurant and hotels in the world. We now specialise in providing the best quality meat to customer’s doorsteps.

What is the commission structure?

We offer a competitive base rate commission of 7% on all sales. We’re also more than happy to look at bespoke rates in exchange for increased exposure.

What sets the Donald Russell affiliate program apart from its competitors?

The Donald Russell program is unique in itself and customers love the quality of the product and the first class customer service. In addition, conversion rates are excellent and a high AOV of £70+ means high commission for affiliates. A lot of work has been done over the years into testing which type of offers work best to drive sales for Donald Russell customers and this feeds into our program to benefit our publishers.

Are there any exciting developments coming up at Donald Russell?

We are about to launch our latest Christmas range providing everything you need for the perfect Christmas meal. We’ve also got lots of very special offers for our affiliates to promote this Christmas. We’re also in the process of re-launching our data feed to make it more up to date and reliable for publishers.

What type of affiliates are the best fit for the Donald Russell program?

We’re happy to work with all types of affiliates and welcome any requests for bespoke content or creative. Any food related sites should get in touch.

Any final words?

Donald Russell has taken quite a few affiliates by surprise over the last couple years by how well it converts – why not sign up today and give it a go. Affiliates should contact for more information about the Donald Russell program.

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