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Performance advice on a budget

Performance advice on a budget


a4uexpo London announces the return of its Digital Clinics. The latest feature to be unveiled by the performance marketing conference gives delegates the chance to seek advice from a number of industry experts. Their wisdom doesn't cost anything apart from the event's regular ticket price.

The clinics will be covering topics such as business strategy, digital law, video marketing, funding and investment. Companies currently involved include Adinsight, Sheridan’s, SNR Denton, Coull, SEOgadget, Quaturo and Optimus PM.

SEO clinics return

a4uexpo London’s SEO clinics are so popular that SEOgadget’s Richard Baxter has been joined by Kevin Gibbons, best known for his work at SEOptimise. The search duo will be able to offer up tips to resolve any issues delegates might have from recent Google updates and more.

Recent updates to Google persuaded Gibbons to start his own agency, Quaturo. The startup focuses more on the content side of SEO and aims to enhance the online perception of its clients through the production of quality copy for their particular niche.

“Following the panda and penguin updates, traditional tactics have been becoming less and less successful,” he said. “This is why many companies, including my own agency, Quaturo, are making the shift towards high-quality content generation to build a brand online.”

Video’s a big part of the internet, but most affiliates have yet to grasp its full potential. Irfon Watkins will be available to talk through just how great a revenue stream video can be for both advertisers and publishers. His network, Coull, reaches in excess of 500 million unique users every month.

One-to-one legal discussions

Publishers have the chance to take full advantage of Eitan Jankelewitz’s legal knowledge. He’s a solicitor at Sheridans and is primed on the finer points of digital law and how it applies to performance marketing. Jankelewitz will help you understand everything from data protection breaches to loopholes in defamation law.

"Laws. You're never too small to break them. Getting compliant is usually straightforward once you know what to do,” he declared. “Not only does being clued up help keep you out of trouble, it can also help maximise the value of your business."

Speaking of investment, there will be another lawyer on hand at a4uexpo London’s Digital Clinics. Jeremy Cohen, Partner at SNR Denton, will be focusing more on funding and investment side. He’ll be able to answer questions like whether your business is a desirable opportunity for an angel investor.

"External funding can be available even to pretty early stage companies where the business plan and the management is right and, if the right initial investors can be attracted, they can add significant value beyond just the provision of funding," he said.

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