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Taggstar monetises fashion images

Taggstar monetises fashion images


Taggstar has launched its technology platform that allows publishers to add a rich engagement layer to their images. The public version gives publishers the chance to use custom hotspots to turn engagement into a surefire revenue stream by adding affiliate links.

The platform makes image galleries shoppable. So imagine you have a collection of product photos where you can embed a link to an ecommerce website. With Taggstar it’s possible to create an exact match link with a buy button, meaning you can replicate those ‘Get the Look’ features from some print magazines.

Engagement rates from TaggStar’s media partners have ranged from an average of 12% to almost 40% for certain high profile celebrities. MSN, Sky Living, the Telegraph, Hearst Magazines (including Harper’s Bazaar) and The Independent are already working with Taggstar.

Founder and CEO of Taggstar, Fraser Robinson, confirmed that engagement was good. “The publishers that we are working with already are experiencing extremely high levels of engagement, which tells us that readers are keen to explore and interact with images,” he said.

Transforming traffic into commissions

Publishers have the option to turn any traffic generated by the images into affiliate commissions and sold on a CPA basis. It gives publishers who notch up a high volume of traffic another revenue stream from a source they may not have previously considered; their images.

Hundreds of thousands of product images from a network of over 200 retailers can be sifted through by Taggstar’s image search technology. The best results based on colour, pattern and style are displayed in the results.

At the time of writing, the Create a Shop feature is only available for the fashion vertical. However, Taggstar has confirmed that new categories will become available over time. For now, other publishers will have to settle with options to embed video, audio and social sharing links in their site’s images.

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