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a4uexpo London keynote announced
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a4uexpo London keynote announced


Dr Mike Baxter has been designated the primetime slot at a4uexpo London at the Hilton Metropole this year. The conversion optimisation and e-commerce specialist’s session is titled, Getting Personal to Drive Conversion - Customer Behaviour Meets Big Data.

Regarded as a customer experience expert, Baxter will be demonstrating how to tailor content and the customer journey to positively influence conversion. Much of his guidance will be based on the use of data and the science of purchase behaviour.

Sales Logiq's ethos embedded in keynote

Baxter is currently Managing Director of Sales Logiq. The agency offers services including conversion optimisation audits, checkout audits, SEO audits and bespoke consultancy. His a4uexpo London keynote session won’t be straying too far from the same areas.

Sales Logiq was founded back in 2001, which gives Baxter over a decade of experience just with his own agency. So combining big data and smart algorithms to drive more revenue is something he’s done on a daily basis for quite some time now.

Personalisation is a science brand owners and advertisers have been using to drive revenue for a number of years. However, according Baxter, it’s still a practice that’s being underutilised even in common e-commerce practices today.

Of course, there’s no magic formula for making your site the best it can be. Baxter is a firm believer that large quantities of serious graft are needed if you’re going to put some of his theories to good practice.

“Making money online is getting tougher,” he said. “The winners are going to be those that work hardest - in maximising the value they derive from data; in reaching out to customers across multiple channels and in optimising performance in every corner of their business.”

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