Case study: Working with B&Q to use Cashback in a different way

5 years
    Press Release

At the recent Performance Marketing Awards 2012, TopCashBack with ZenithOptimedia and B&Q; won the award for ‘Best Advertiser Innovation’ for its five months campaign. The same campaign also received a ‘Highly Commended’ mention in the ‘Best Consumer Targeting’ category.

The campaign is a good example of an agency communicating a client’s objectives clearly and an affiliate building a bespoke promotional plan around it. It can be rare that objectives are actually shared with publishers and therefore the open communication between ZenithOptimedia and Topcashback allowed a more rounded and integrated campaign.


  • Create conversations about DIY in a social/blog space
  • Engage customers in different B&Q; product categories
  • Encourage sales in relevant B&Q; product categories

In a market that is discount-led, B&Q; wanted to start focusing on engagement more and the added value elements of their brand. Areas such as ‘how-to’ guides and their expert advice were areas they could demonstrate their expertise in the market.

TopCashBack worked with ZenithOptimedia to create a project that would drive sales for B&Q; as well as engagement between their brand and the TopCashBack audience. The campaign was split into five categories over five months. All of the campaigns involved some short-term incentives including gift vouchers.

Campaign Highlights

Five-month-long campaigns were initiated with the focus on a different product category each month ranging from lighting, through to Christmas decorations and Kitchens. B&Q; experienced a consistent year-on-year increase in traffic to all product categories that were included in the campaigns and there has been a great buzz and engagement with TopCashBack members.

One example was the Lighting campaign during which TopCashBack members could win £1,000 of B&Q; vouchers if they found five TopCashBack logos that were hidden in the B&Q; website's lighting section. The idea of this campaign was to drive people to relevant category pages, which would increase their awareness of the B&Q; Lighting offering. During the month, location hints were given through Facebook and a staggering number of answers were received from TopCashBack members. The traffic to the B&Q; site increased by 402% year-on-year with sales going up by 105%.

Another great campaign was the one focused on the kitchen category. Together with ZenithOptimedia, TopCashBack created a kind of “pub quiz” with a number of questions for TopCashBack members to answer. Members had to read the B&Q; ‘how-to’ guides or watch the videos in order to answer the questions. Social media was again used to create the buzz around the competition and an amazing number of people engaged with the competition. Traffic to the B&Q; site increased by 237% year-on-year and the number of sales in the Kitchen category rose by 75% beating the trend B&Q; saw for the category across other media channels.

Promotional Mix

The campaign was a fully integrated campaign with different channels pushing the same messaging. A mix of placements such as blogs, newsletters, branded creative and social media worked very well. It also meant the audience was approached in a variety of ways.

TopCashBack Pub Quiz

B&Q; Kitchen Quiz

TopCashBack Competition

Conclusions from the campaign

The campaign was a big success for both B&Q; and ZenithOptimedia. It achieved the set objectives and provided category-specific boosts to the DIY store's affiliate programme at key promotional times. The use of double cashback messaging during and after competitions led to optimal results, due to the increased product awareness from the competitions.

Communication between clients and affiliates was highlighted as one of the benefits. ZenithOptimedia had a clear understanding of the client’s objectives and communicated this fully to TopCashBack. This allowed TopCashBack to make a bespoke promotion for them, with measurements in place to monitor how well TopCashBack were achieving the agreed objectives of the campaign.

Based on TopCashBack suggestions, ZenithOptimedia were able to supply copy, creative, and content to support the campaign and focus upon areas that the client wanted to. As an example, in the pub quiz for kitchens, ZenithOptimedia created questions that would get people watching and reading different how-to guides and videos.

The results from the campaign show the benefits of a collaborative approach and two-way communication between agency and affiliates.