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Live at Tradedoubler Connect 2012

Live at Tradedoubler Connect 2012


Tradedoubler Connect 2012 is the affiliate network’s yearly gathering of key clients and partners. This year’s no different to its previous Summit events in that we expect the array of industry experts in attendance to share some great insight.

A4u is here and we’ll be providing both video interviews and session recordings featuring analysis on all the trends currently shaping the future of performance marketing. So keep checking back on this page for the latest updates. Alternatively, for up-to-the-minute reporting follow us on twitter @a4u.

Opening remarks

Dan Cohen, Tradedoubler's Market Unit Leader - North West, and the network's Publisher Account Director, Tom Rickery, provide an overview of the day ahead. The duo expanded on Tradedoubler's recent realignment to focus more on mobile. The platform's exponential growth is oft-reported on, but how can you best take advantage? Watch this video to find out.

Dan Cohen Q&A;

We speak to Dan Cohen about the structure of Tradedoubler 2012 and what delegates can expect to take away from the day. He also discusses where the company and the industry as a whole will be 12 months from now.

The millenial generation

With five years of economic stagnation or decline in the major developed economies of the world combining with continued acceleration in the adoption of consumer technologies and a significant re-alignment of both the global economy and the consumer psychology this is a great time to explore how today's consumers - The Millennial Generation - are responding to these changes and which trends and behaviours should inform future business success.

Paul Flatters Q&A;

Chief Executive of the Trajectory Partnership, Paul Flatters, defines the millenial generation and discusses the turmoil they've been through. In addition he reveals when, in his eyes, the recession will end and when we can expect economic growth. A must watch!

Diversifying publisher traffic

Tailored towards advertisers, this session explores the less mainstream traffic models (virtual currency, social, mobile etc.) and how these can be adopted by advertisers. It takes a brief look at the history of new traffic streams and how what initially looks out of place quickly becomes mainstream and how the advertisers who adopt these new sources of traffic early have benefited over time.

Evolving the affiliate model for today's clients

Michael discussed the changing affiliate landscape and how this will shape the European landscape moving forward. He looked at how agencies and large clients are bringing some of their key partnerships in house as a strategic decision in order to increase working relationships and enable a greater sense of control across the board.

Michael Brandy Q&A;

We speak to Tradedoubler's Head of Technology for UK & Ireland, Michael Brandy, to discuss publisher innovation, maturity within the sector and the biggest performance growth driver for the year ahead. Great insight about Tradedoubler's innovation and future industry predictions.

Tales of the digitally unexpected

Brands need to stand out and be brilliant like never before. Ending the day by taking the audience on a whirlwind journey showcasing campaigns and people from all around the world, Mel Carson - former Microsoft Advertising Digital Evangelist - demonstrated how these examples have stood out and been successful by adapting quickly to new technology and consumer trends.

Mel Carson Q&A;

Mel Carson answers questions about his new company, his new book, social media innovations and who his digital hero is.

Closing remarks

New President and CEO of Tradedoubler, Rob Wilson, gives his opinion of the sector and where Tradedoubler stands. He discusses what needs to be done and how he and his company is working towards achieving it.

Rob Wilson Q&A;

Tradedoubler's new President and CEO, Rob Wilson, gives his thoughts on the Tradedoubler Connect 2012 event, his new role and the company's expansion into Latin America.

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