Solving the Complexity of TV App Development for the SmartTV Market

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As SmartTV continues to draw brand focus as “one of the hottest spaces[1]’ for video on demand, content distribution and advertising, the growth in apps, devices and platforms provides a challenge to brands of how best to address the market. TV App Agency has extended the platform breadth of its TV App Engine in order to solve this problem.

The latest research shows that the growth rate of development is so rapid that it’s difficult to keep up with developments[2], and brands are increasingly challenged by the complexity of the market.

adRise warns that the greatest hurdle is the fragmented device landscape that requires building apps using SDKs for each device.

adRise says, in its Connected TV Market Report, that the market has continued to proliferate as OEMs, content distributors and advertisers continue to pile into the market. Usage among all SmartTV devices is increasing and this has led to a 25x growth rate on the launch of apps. At the same time, the heaviest use of such apps is proving to be during primetime TV hours, on both the weeknights and weekends, with ads having a 95% completion rate. Long-form ads were said to perform nearly as well. This means that the SmartTV market is one which no brand can afford to ignore.

But if the market can’t be ignored, how should it be approached? One of the greatest challenges any brand faces is how to prioritise it’s spend, and ensure its presence not simply on today’s leading platforms, but on tomorrow’s as well. With the number of new platforms and devices available still growing, future proofing development can be a massive hurdle.

Solutions do exist. The TV App Agency Engine, with its ‘develop once/deploy to many’ cross platform service, enables brands, agencies and developers to quickly and cost effectively create native TV apps for deployment across multiple SmartTV platforms.

The TV App Engine enables TV apps to be developed and maintained across the majority of the major global range of SmartTV platforms. That means no brand has to worry about complexity again. The TV App Engine allows developers to create TV apps for many different TV platforms from a single source of code, and is even offered as a cloud based, software as a service application.

Andy Eardley, co-founder of TV App Agency said, “We recognise that brands want the best experience for customers across as many devices as possible, but at a reasonable cost. The reach and breadth the TV App Engine allows brands, digital agencies and their developers to create and maintain TV apps up to 80% faster and cheaper than by using each of the native SDKs from the Smart TV platforms.”

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Smart TV:

Smart TVs have internet access, allowing consumers to use their TVs as a portal for online services. These TVs allow email and web surfing, and support social networks and applications like Twitter and Netflix, making the TV more useful and responsive to consumer’s wants and needs.

About TV App Agency

TV App Agency was founded in 2011 to enable the delivery of cross-platform content across smart TV. The convergence of hardware devices - mobile, tablets and TV - and the delivery of cross-platform content made efficient by software is the next wave in the digital industry.

TV App Agency provides expertise across software development, user experience, multi-screen devices, TV app development and app store submission to enable brands, content providers, agencies and broadcasters to get onto smart TV. Since its launch, TV App Agency has developed apps for a range of leading European brands, including RTVE, Rightmove, Prime Location, Find a Property, Daft, La Liga BBVA, National Rail, Food Network and Absolute Radio.

The company has also developed TV App Engine which enables brands to develop apps and submit them across a range of connected devices including Samsung, LG, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic TVs and blu-ray devices and platforms including Google TV, Opera and set-top boxes.

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[1] Connected TV Market Report

[2] Connected TV Market Report