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Sense Networks unveils location retargeting on mobile phones

Sense Networks unveils location retargeting on mobile phones

Sense Networks now allows brands to retarget a consumer’s mobile phone once they’ve left a store. The geo-targeting solution, part of Sense’s AdMatch platform, aims to show the consumer relevant and timely mobile ads to drive customer loyalty.

Shoppers can also be targeted if they’re regularly in the vicinity of the retailer. The idea is that the brand will be able to attract and convert new customers. Sense says it can reach an audience of 90 million users with six billion location-enabled impressions.

Retail Retargeting is the name given by Sense Networks, but targeting consumers based on their mobile location isn’t a new concept. Quidco recently released a version of its app that provided consumers with cashback incentives when they were in a competitor’s shop.

Who's a shopper?

Identifying actual shoppers is a tricky feat to accomplish. Sense manages it by applying machine-learned algorithms to location patterns and building user-based audience profiles. The approach apparently results in five times the retargeting opportunities.

Brands can not only recontact customers within 24 hours of shopping at their location, but also when they’re planning their purchases. According to Sense retargeting consumers before their next shopping trip results in higher click-through-rates and increased ROI.

Sense Networks’ CEO, David Petersen, believe Retail Retargeting to be ideal increasing market share. “We’re also helping retailers to identify key prospects based on location and behavior, allowing these brands to capture a greater share of the market,” he said.

As with any targeting advertising technology there are concerns about privacy. Sense states that the user data remains anonymous and is never matched to external data sources like name, address, phone number or email. The raw data is discarded after processing.

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