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Criteo support for Facebook Exchange

Criteo support for Facebook Exchange


Criteo has tied down a partnership with Facebook Exchange. It means the real-time bidding buyer can now offer valuable advertising real estate on the social network. Criteo appears to have moved quickly to be part of the service after Exchange’s initial emergence yesterday.

Now a multinational partner of Facebook, Criteo, will be able to leverage tens of thousands of unique ads per second, with advertisers in over 30 markets on five continents. Through this and other ads deals, the social network will be hoping it can better compete with the likes Google and Yahoo, which have their own RTB solutions.

Several agencies have already joined Criteo in its involvement with FBX. New York-based Omnicom has partnered with Facebook along with several others including Xaxis, Mediabrands Audience Platform, Amnet and VivaKi.

Engineering input

Jonathan Wolf, Criteo’s Chief Buying Officer, spoke of his company’s impressive development workforce and how their focus has always been search marketing. However, he believes Criteo’s technology is easily transferrable to the world of social.

““We now have over 250 engineers working to build a global solution for the age old problem of marketing: how to identify the right person and then show them the right ad at the right time,” he revealed. “As a result, our individually personalized ads deliver post-click conversion rates that have until now only been possible in search marketing.”

Facebook has said its system can notify when ad space is available within a tenth of a second. During this time it also evaluates 2000 data points, calculates the price and then allows the advert to appear on the social network.

President of Criteo, Greg Coleman, was full of praise for Criteo’s involvement in Facebook’s latest development. “Facebook has identified a major opportunity by letting us show users relevant ads for things they actually want to buy,” he said “Further, this will open up to our advertisers the ability to reach more than 955 million people on Facebook.”

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