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a4uexpo London Launches Agenda for Europe's Largest Performance Marketing Conference

a4uexpo London Launches Agenda for Europe's Largest Performance Marketing Conference


Taking place on the 16th and 17th October at the Hilton London Metropole, this year’s a4uexpo London conference agenda includes a record number of speakers who will debate and educate on a wide range of performance marketing topics including data, mobile, engagement, social media, affiliate marketing, analytics, user experience, search marketing and conversion.

We’ve already seen the 'year of' retargeting, technology and mobile – and for 2012 we’re sure it will be described as the year of Data & Analysis.

From the first session of day one to the final session of day two, Data & Analytics will play a large part within a4uexpo London’s agenda discussing their use as part of understanding consumer habits and brand advocacy, studying meteorology data to determine sales implications, utilising data to support and optimise channels or to improve user experience and conversion – there’s a plethora of sessions showcasing unique uses of data across Performance-based Marketing.

I've highlighted some of our 40+ agenda sessions below, but you can take a look at the Day One and Day Two agenda on the a4uexpo London website. Don't forget, you can get an extra 10% off with code 10A4U when you register today.

Conversion & User Experience

Conversion strategy is once again at the heart of the agenda. ‘UX for Conversion & Engagement’ (Day One – 17:15-18:15) ensures both publishers and advertisers are maximising their stake on the customer journey by ensuring that, as a publisher, the importance of holding on to a consumer / customer by engaging them with relevant content and making it simple and efficient for them to carry on their journey is paramount. For an advertiser, the user's experience across their e-commerce store is key to empowering the sale, resulting in sales for the advertiser and rewards for the customer journey.

One session that I’m personally looking forward to, is the ‘Google Analytics for Publishers’ (Day One – 16:00-17:00) with Doug and Russell from ConversionWorks, who’ll be helping publishers to fully utilise Google’s Analytics platform. Going far beyond visitor and source graphs, this session will take you through how you can set publisher-specific action points and goals to determine visitor value, social engagement and visitor segmentation.

You will also benefit from Conversion Rate Expert CEO Ben Jesson, who’ll be conducting a Live Conversion Clinic in a bonus lunchtime session. You can put your site forward for consideration too – drop conference programmer Chris Johnson an e-mail on

Search Marketing

Standard to any a4uexpo agenda, we have once again sourced some of the Search industry’s best speakers who’ll converge on the Hilton London Metropole in October.

From Link-Building techniques to site-audit and search tips to Performance Marketing ranking factors that cover social, mobile, video, search and affiliate, you’ll hear from the likes of Will Critchlow, Dave Naylor, Martin Macdonald, Richard Baxter, Sam Crocker, Kelvin Newman, Bas van den Beld and many more over the two-day conference.


Not forgotten and increasingly fundamental to the current day-to-day of Performance Marketing, Mobile is covered across a number of conference sessions.

‘Consumers are Socially Mobile: Get Your Mobile Search in Order!’ (Day One – 12:00-13:00) - In this session, Sri Sharma and Bas van den Beld will help you lead the way with mobile search and social. These elements are becoming part and parcel within mobile search, and you’ll hear how combining the two can result in a large traffic drive and importantly increasing conversion through the mobile channel.

‘Mobile: An Advertiser’s Perspective’ (Day One – 16:00-17:00) will feature leading advertiser brands including Debenhams, Red Letter Days and Reiss alongside mobile publisher vouchercloud who will debate the seeming lack of integration and uptake of mobile affiliate tracking by advertisers.

We also have two stats-related mobile and m-commerce sessions that will really dig deep into mobile data, agile commerce and key mobile strategy. It’s also highly likely that the topic of mobile will appear throughout many other conference sessions and panels running across the two days.


Maybe 2013 will be the ‘year of Social Marketing’ but we’ve certainly made some ground as an industry this year judging by our Social sessions on the agenda.

A quick-fire ’60 tips in 60 minutes: Social, Search & Conversion’ (Day One – 09:00-10:00) with Kelvin Newman, Sam Crocker and Stephen Pavlovich will test your note-taking skills, ‘The PR Bootcamp – A Brand’s Guide to Healthy Publicity’ (Day One – 10:30-11:30) will show how you can become a social media expert far beyond just Facebook & Twitter for B2B and B2C brands, and ‘Social’s Big Performance Battle’ (Day Two – 13:30-13:45) will debate whether Social can continue to utilise Performance-based marketing, or whether it truly is purely a Branding and Customer Service channel.

We also have a cracking Facebook session on ‘Engaging Facebook through EDGErank, Content Optimisation and Killer Apps’ (Day Two – 12:00-13:00) with Martin Belam, Kelvin Newman and Jeremy Waite. From acquiring fans to your facebook page, using EDGErank (facebook's news feed algorithm) to optimise your content through to a killer application case study on the Guardian’s Facebook application, this triple-headed session will ensure you leave a4uexpo packed with notes on creating a successful business facebook strategy.


Intertwining throughout, there are many affiliate-based sessions taking place across both conference days. It’s interesting to see the changing nature of the affiliate channel reflected across the agenda, as more precedence is being yielded towards delivering value, working more closely with advertisers and smarter analysis of affiliate activity within many of this year’s sessions.

‘Using Data to Value & Optimise the Affiliate Channel’ (Day One – 12:00-13:00) will showcase how BSkyB has embraced the big data concept, and how it’s now supporting and optimising the affiliate channel. ‘Global Brand Building for Advertisers AND Publishers’ (Day Two – 11:00-11:45) will showcase a panel of global brands to discuss what a successful global brand building strategy should consist of, plus pointers of how to manage and understand geo-located markets.

‘Delivering More than a Sale – Delivering Value Beyond the Sale’ (Day One – 13:30-13:45) will look at how publishers can hold their position in the sales funnel by adding additional value to advertisers and consumers.

New for 2012 – Dedicated Panel Room

In a move to encourage more audience interaction and engagement during panel sessions, we have introduced a panel session room for this year’s conference. The Balmoral room will play host to no less than 12 panel sessions over the two days covering all aspects of Performance Marketing.

Highlights of our panel sessions include ‘Have We Over-Engineered? Technology Congestion in Performance Marketing’ – where we’ll be playing 'Devil's Advocate' to discuss whether, as an industry, we’re starting to see the effects from 'data overload' across the channel? Are we relying on it too much and over-complicating campaigns with the inclusion of attribution modelling, tag management and datasets for example? Are we becoming so over-reliant on technology solutions that we're losing spontaneity and creativity?

‘Are Performance KPI's Causing an Industry Monopoly?’ - As the Performance Marketing industry grows and continues its expansion across digital, the introduction of Key Performance Indicators as part of an account manager's targets are increasingly more common. It's starting to bring us fully in line with wider digital processes, but are we seeing the dawn of an industry monopoly that stifles SME publisher growth?

If Agency & Network account managers are being increasingly targeted on KPI's that include revenue increases and average order values for example, will the SME's of the publisher world be consistenly overlooked in favour of those top earning publisher's who we know can deliver results? How can new publishers grow in size and stature if they aren't privy to these opportunities? And what KPI's can you put in place to target this 'mild bunch'? Expect debate to unfold within from a panel of agencies, advertisers and SME publishers.

Take a full look at this year's conference agenda, Day One and Day Two.

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