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NFC: Lead generation possibilities for advertisers

NFC: Lead generation possibilities for advertisers


The acceleration of mobile technology is changing the way that people communicate and consume information. NFC (Near Field Communication) opens up a world of innovative opportunities for advertisers, paving the way for new and exciting ways to engage with customers.

NFC instantly connects users with advertisers in just one touch; improves customer service, offers secure transactions, increases revenue through value-added services and provides up to date information at all times. Embedded NFC tags can automatically launch an application, open a website or connect a user to a merchant’s social media.

Simplifying NFC

It is easy to get lost in the world of the unknown when talking about NFC. However for me it comes down to three incredibly simple principles: Touch, Record and Retarget.

I’ll discuss some of my favourite lead generation ideas below.

NFC Embedded Loyalty Programs

Touch – tap the NFC tag at the till to join the advertiser’s digital loyalty program
Record – every future purchase can be recorded in detail including date and time of transaction, location, exact items brought and AOV
Retarget – this can be as clever as you would like it to be by analysing trends in each consumer;

Example 1: User A makes a purchase in a coffee shop every weekday morning for 3 weeks. If User A does not make a morning purchase for 2 consecutive weekdays, the advertiser can automatically target them with an added value offer
NFC payment

Example 2: User B makes a monthly purchase (average £80) in a retail shop usually on the first weekend of every month. Advertiser targets this user every Friday before the first weekend of the month with an added value offer to try to achieve a higher AOV. It could take the form of a discount or free gift incentive offered only with a higher minimum spend.

NFC for Clothing Retailers

NFC embedded posters near the shop’s entrance offer tailored purchase suggestions to customers

NFC embedded posters inside the store provide up-to-date information on current offers for consumers.

Embedding NFC tags in each clothing item label offers Retailers endless opportunities. Firstly, offering tailored suggestions of ‘match this item with..’, this could be used to upsell to the user within the store. Alternatively it could be taken one step further to create an additional purchase via the merchant’s m-commerce site once the customer has left the store.

NFC Monthly Competitions

Touch – tap the NFC competition tag at the till to enter the advertiser’s monthly competition Record – the user’s location will be automatically recorded along with the date and time of their competition entry. The competition NFC tag can be used to add a calendar event with a reminder for the next competition. Retarget – The advertiser can retarget the consumer with offers (both local & national) to ensure they become repeat customers and to increase AOV. Surveys can be used to allow advertisers to build a stronger profile on each user and these can be incentivised with specific discounts or free gifts with a repeat purchase.

The First NFC Marketing Campaign

NFC marketing campaigns have been running in the UK since 2011. Proxama delivered the UK’s first NFC campaign for the launch of the new X-Men movie. The campaign transformed each NFC-enabled poster site into a retail outlet allowing advertisers to gain a much higher level of consumer information. There are now over 130,000 poster sites that can be NFC embedded.


Neil Garner, Founder and CEO of Proxama, said: "It is really rewarding to see NFC technology coming of age with the first public marketing campaign being launched. NFC offers advertisers greater opportunities to build 'hyper-local' promotional campaigns using media-rich, high quality content that can only enhance their relationships with their customers.”

Our Future is NFC

The lead generation opportunities for advertisers through NFC are limitless. NFC is our future and I believe it will transform our every approach to advertising and marketing.

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