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EU cookie compliance on the up

EU cookie compliance on the up


Three months on from when the UK began enforcement of the E-Privacy Directive and research from TRUSTe has revealed 63% are working towards cookie compliance. The figure is marginally up from A4u’s own data from earlier this year showing 58% are on the path to conformance.

The headline figure consists of a disappointing 12% implementing privacy notices with robust cookie controls and 51% have minimal privacy notices with limited cookie controls. The data was garnered from 231 websites as part of the TRUSTe Privacy Index: UK Compliance and Tracking Edition.

TRUSTe tracking infographic

TRUSTe’s research drilled a little further into those websites with no compliance measures. Some 49% had a low number of third-party cookies present on their site (0-25), 35% had a moderate level of third-party cookies (26-50) and 16% had a high level (> 50).

Paucity of robust solutions in use

Interestingly, 56% of the sites examined by TRUSTe’s study had a moderate to high level of third-party trackers and of these, only 17% had implemented robust compliance solutions combining prominent privacy notices and strong cookie controls.

E-Privacy Directive compliance

Well-known brands have been displaying some of the better implementations of cookie solutions, as you might expect. Toyota has provided individual descriptions of cookie purposes. Whereas Barclays has gone a step further in giving users readily accessible cookie preference controls.

Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe, is all too aware of how damning these figures are to the EU’s efforts to clamp down on the use of cookies. However he’s hoping his company will be able to work with the authorities to improve the UK’s E-Privacy Directive landscape.

“It is clear that some companies have yet to put a compliance solution in place. We at TRUSTe, alongside the industry bodies and regulators, will continue to work with companies to help them implement solutions appropriate to their business model,” he said.

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