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Take Part In The AffiliateBenchmarks Global Affiliate Survey

Take Part In The AffiliateBenchmarks Global Affiliate Survey

The goal of AffiliateBenchmarks is to provide best practices, actionable insights, and trends to the affiliate marketing community.

On such a global level this survey has very ambitious plans, and in order to meet these A4u is encouraging all affiliates to take some time out of their 'Monday Blues' to participate - where you'll receive a full complimentary copy of the raw data.

Additionally, this study will aim to strengthen relationships between affiliates and merchants.

The Importance of Taking Part in Affiliate Survey's

Whilst working on our European Survey for 2012, we spoke to Managing Director of Webgains, Robert Glasgow, to discuss the importance of an affiliate survey. If you're unsure as to why industry studies are becoming more commonplace, it's worth reading our article Q&A; with Robert.

The team at AffiliateBenchmarks had this to say regarding the Survey:

"We all know the power of strategies based on good data/learning. Unfortunately, Affiliate Marketing gets very little attention for the big research companies so how can you get access to data outside of your own programs? One way is to participate in the AffiliateBenchmarks research study. In exchange for your participation you get access to the results. Each year the folks at AffiliateBenchmarks collect and analyze data from thousands of publishers and advertisers.

"This effort provides some valuable benchmarking data on best practices as well as some insightful views of where our industry is headed. Your participation can help make this effort even better and you can benefit by getting access to the final research product. Similar reports cost hundreds or thousands of dollars."

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Closing Date - 25th August 2012

Comparing the US & UK Affiliate Market.

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