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Mobile advertising influences 1 in 2

Mobile advertising influences 1 in 2


Mobile advertising has been having a substantial bearing on the purchasing decisions of some 48% of consumers according to InMobi’s recent UK study. It’s further evidence that the good people of this unitary state are actively adopting m-commerce as a purchasing platform.

Developed with the help of OnDevice Research, the UK Mobile Media Consumption Report for Q2 2012 discovered the British to be keen users of their mobile phones. They spend an average of two and a half hours a day on their device. The UK was also ranked first in terms of media with users consuming nine hours a day.

M-commerce becoming the norm?

Consumers are definitely warming to the fact they’re mobile has the potential to be a virtual shop window. A remarkable 20% of respondents are willing to spend over £20 on mobile purchases. The early adopter demographic is said to be driving the m-commerce sector, though, with 26% willing to spend as much as £50 on purchases.

InMobi graph

The research by InMobi also divulged how there has been an increase of 9% on Q4 2011’s figure for the percentage of consumers who’ve used m-commerce, which now stands at 63%. Digging a little deeper into categories reveals that 47% buy digital goods, 34% physical goods, 26% pay bills and 21% purchase services.

Head of UK Sales at InMobi, Lee Blyth, believes mobile can now stand shoulder to shoulder with media channels such as television. “These results demonstrate that mobile advertising is finally, rightfully, taking its place alongside traditional content such as online and TV when it comes to directly influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions,” he said.

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