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A4u Programme of the Week: HPI

A4u Programme of the Week: HPI


Name: HPI

Contact: Rebecca Naylor


What USPs put HPI ahead of their competitors?

HPI are the UK’s leading car history data check service and have been checking vehicle histories since 1938. With 74 years of experience HPI are the original brand. They offer their customers peace of mind with a trust-worthy, comprehensive report. The report answers questions about a vehicle’s history that every person buying a used car should know;

Does it belong to someone else / outstanding finance?

Are the police looking for it?

Is it at risk of being sold illegally?

Is it worth less than you think?

Is it dangerous to drive?

HPI are also able to provide technical data on a vehicle from maximum speed to brake horsepower figures and even height, length and width.

Unique to HPI is the ability to calculate the running costs of a vehicle. HPI are able to provide an ‘at-a-glance’ indication of how economical a car is in terms of CO2 ratings and fuel costs and provide a CO2 certificate with every HPI Check.

What does this mean for their affiliates?

Affiliates have the opportunity to promote a brand that is best-in-class and can deliver a quality product to customers. The brands impeccable reputation (it has a five star Google Seller rating), as well as the fact that customers can see an example report before they buy, means that conversion is incredibly high.

This could be the perfect opportunity for affiliates to take advantage of the burgeoning used car market by offering visitors to their site an essential service when buying a used car.

What resources/commission does HPI offer it's affiliates?

HPI are committed to providing affiliates with everything they need to promote HPI on their sites. Affiliates from all demographics are welcome to apply and we will try to meet the individual needs of those affiliates.

We offer;

A dedicated Account Manager, with regular communications and implementation support

Competitive rates of commission, starting at 20% of basket value

Bespoke creative and offers

Voucher codes

Affiliate days, a chance to meet and discuss opportunities with HPI

Are there any developments coming up for HPI and how can affiliates join the programme?

We are in the process of developing new products and offers, and have also recently introduced sister brand, Car Status Check. To join either of these programmes please contact the account manager Rebecca Naylor

Alternatively to join the HPI affiliate programme please register with Webgains and apply here.

Representatives from Yucca digital agency will be attending A4uexpo in October so please get in touch with Rebecca beforehand if you would like to discuss specific opportunities.

Want to be featured as A4u's Programme of the Week? Contact Mark Atherton for info.

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