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Use Facebook to turbo charge your affiliate marketing

Use Facebook to turbo charge your affiliate marketing


What we have done

We wanted to add value to the fans of our Facebook Fan Page. We are an e-commerce site so the logical thing to offer would be a discount as an incentive to buy from our site. We did not really have the budget to pay for a third-party discount application, nor did we have the time or experience required to build one in house, so we asked the question, “Would anyone like to create a basic Facebook application for a CPA?”

The Gift Experience Facebook App

I was surprised with the positive volume of responses and struggled to choose who to work with from all the potential candidates. We chose to work with the lovely people at ODST who created a fantastic app in no time at all and it has been generating sales and new 'Likes' since it went live in late July.

The discount is only available to people who like the page, and there is the facility to share the discount with your friends, similar the new Facebook Offers tool.

The Gift Experience Facebook App discount

Due to the positive response we had from the original post there seems to be a lot of people who are happy to use their skills to create something in exchange for a CPA of the sales results.

We also run a lot of competitions on our Facebook page as we know this keeps fans interested and will help generate new 'Likes'. There are a lot of affiliates who like to promote competitions, and we wanted to incentivise them to push our Facebook competitions, so we created an affiliate link that would track any sales generated after someone have landed on our Fan Page, so the Customer Journey would be:

Comp site - Our Facebook Page – Our Website – Tracked Sale

This way we can ensure that everyone is being rewarded for the traffic they are sending to our main site or Facebook Page.

What is a fan worth?

We have around 6,000 fans at the moment, but this number is constantly going up. From the stats we can see we know that on average we get around £1,000 per month from customers that have been directly influenced by our Facebook page. Compared to the millions of pounds we generate each year it is a very small percentage of our total income, however it does show that each Facebook fan is worth around £2 a year to us, so as the number of fans increase the revenue generated will also increase. And as Facebook is basically a free marketing tool, apart from the time spent managing the page it produces a very good ROI. It is important to know what a fan is actually worth to you, as it will give you a much better idea of how important it is to you to increase your fan base and potentially how much you can afford to spend to do so.

What can you do?

It is important to build a fan base by posting interesting stuff, engaging with your fans and being active on your page. There is nothing worse than going to a business’ Facebook page that has not been updated for months.

Think of your Facebook page as an extension of your website. The main goal of your website should be reflected in your Facebook page. If you want your fans to buy from your site, you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

The Gift Experience Facebook App stats

You should think why someone will want to be a fan of your page and how it will benefit them, not why you want them to be a fan and how it will benefit you.

Facebook is constantly changing, such as Facebook timeline and cover photos, you should be aware of any changes and update your page to ensure your message and call to actions are always optimised. There is a wealth of statistics available within Facebook and it is worth spending some time to get your head inside your fan base, as this will certainly help you in posting more relevant content for your fans.

Remember that over 900 million users post over four billion items each day. So if you are not posting interesting, useful and relevant posts they will be lost in the abyss of Facebook forever.

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