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Majority of men feel vouchers don’t damage a brand

Majority of men feel vouchers don’t damage a brand


Companies concerned that offering vouchers and discounts damage public perception of their brand should stop worrying: Rakuten Linkshare’s latest research reveals that 95% of men don’t believe such incentives negatively impact their opinion. The findings – which were part of a study by Redshift Research into the fashion style and shopping habits of male consumers – also saw 76% of respondents indicate that vouchers, incentives and discounts encourage them to make a purchase.

Incentivised purchasing was certainly a hot topic in the research results, which were collected throughout June 2012. Vouchers were found to encourage single purchases, with 40% of the survey’s respondents believing that they, along with special sales, increase loyalty to a brand. It was also revealed that a quarter of men wanted to use free delivery.

Favouring online shopping

Another big discovery by the affiliate network was that 36% of men under 34 buy more clothes online than offline. It’s also interesting to note that slightly over a quarter of respondents (26%) regularly read fashion blogs for fashion inspiration.

Further results showed the 18-24 age gap to be the biggest impulse purchasers. Of the 1000 British male consumers that Rakuten Linkshare surveyed, 33% purchased an item whenever they saw something they liked. Men often turn to partners, friends or family for inspiration, with 46% stating this activity’s importance.

Mobile savvy

On the subject of mobile, Linkshare’s findings pointed to a demographic that were at ease with buying on the move. Nearly half of all 18-24 year olds made fashion purchases on their smartphones and over a quarter of 25-34 year olds ordered items on tablet devices.

The female fashion segment may receive much of the attention, but all those involved in the sales funnel would do well to not focus entirely on this one gender. Rakuten Linkshare’s research shows that male fashion is equally important and as of 2010, men’s clothing sales stood at £36 billion according to NPD Group.

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