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How CRE helped Top CashBack into fastest-growing company list

How CRE helped Top CashBack into fastest-growing company list


Conversion Rate Experts’ guidance caused Top CashBack to enter the Sunday Times Fast Track 100, a list of the fastest growing companies in the UK. CRE believes much of the responsibility for the inclusion lies with the improvements it made, which brought Top CashBack an increase of 74% in conversion rates.

The rate growth was no easy task for Top CashBack as many of its visitors considered the site to be dubious. So CRE’s main task was to change the thought process of the visitors so they were comfortable with signing up to Top CashBack. It should be a no-brainer for consumers considering all the benefits provided.

Visitor psychology

Metaphorically speaking, CRE wanted to reach inside the heads of Top CashBack’s visitors so they too believed registering was a no-brainer. To do this, it first needed to discover why people turned their back on Top CashBack using the survey tool, 4Q. Customer excuses ranged from worries about not receiving the cashback to thinking it was all too good to be true.

Next, CRE had to find out what was good about the site by using Survey Gizmo and some very open-ended questions. It then implemented a site-wide feedback button using Kampyle. CRE also used Crazy Egg to find out where they were clicking, quizzed Top CashBack customer support team and much more.

Once all the feedback had been gathered and analysed, the next step involved experimentation using a combination of Google Website Optimizer (now Content Experiments) and Google Analytics. Challenger pages were designed and split-tested with a number of differing messages. Each was compared with the original from a performance stand point.

Enforcing the message

One of a number of messages CRE addressed was that Top CashBack was too good to be true. It set about using coverage from a number of well-respected publications such as The Guardian and The Independent to validate trust. CRE ensured the join button was close to publications’ logos.

Another clever adoption CRE pushed was with the registration form. It wanted to show visitors that registration was quick and easy. So it moved the shortened signup form to the homepage along with the text, “Join Now - It’s Free”. The thinking behind the new implementation was that users could view first-hand how simple signup was.

As we’ve previously reported, the results from the testing spoke for themselves. Conversion rates saw a notable climb ranging from 17% on the homepage to 74% in another of the site’s key conversion flows. Millions of people visit Top CashBack, so the conversion improvements were instantly recognisable and meant the site could even justify a TV campaign.

You can read about how Conversion Rate Experts improved Top CashBack in more detail as part of a case study on CRE's website.

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