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Shopitize adds coupon support

Shopitize adds coupon support


Shopitize, the app that turns a smartphone into a personal shopping assistant, is now rolling out a coupon feature for brands. The functionality will allow advertisers to combine their targeted mobile campaign with coupon delivery, clearance and redemption.

One key advantage that Shopitize feels it has over the competition is the time to market for its coupon service: setup takes three weeks at most. The company also boasts about its flexibility – a promotion can be stopped once the campaign budget limit has been reached.

Three weeks seems like a lengthy turnaround time and Alex Attinger, Joint CEO at digitalbox, which now owns the web property, confirmed to A4u that in the voucher world it could be done more quickly. "In our experience, we have seen simple campaigns turned around in a matter of days, but as with all campaigns the time it takes to send it live all depends on the execution a partner is trying to achieve," he explained.

The four Rs

Shopitize is an app built from the ground-up on what the company calls the four Rs: receipts, reports, reminders and rewards. It works by allowing consumers to scan shopping receipts and then have personalised shopping reports and smart shopping receipts. The more that join Shopitize, the more the system learns and the more sophisticated rewards become.

The company believes it is the first in the UK to enable brands to connect with customers and provide personalised offers based on verified purchase history, all from inside the mobile platform. The couponing service can be customised to meet a brand’s specific requirements and can be integrated into either new or planned multichannel promotional campaigns.

Co-founder and Director of Shopitize, Irina Pafomova, thinks the benefits of her service are unparalleled. “The key benefits for our partners include increased sales via a new mobile channel for coupon distribution, savings on promotion and redemption costs due to direct precision targeting of consumers, a deeper insight into your customers’ needs and the opportunity to attract new consumers through sharing within the Shopitize platform,” she said.

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