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Sales Tracks monetises ringing tones

Sales Tracks monetises ringing tones


Sales Tracks has launched a service allowing businesses and freelancers in the UK to change the ringing tone callers hear to bespoke advertising messages. The company says that early testers have witnessed a 285% bump in conversion rates.

UK businesses can not only choose from a library of industry-specific content, but also create their own tailor-made content. It’s unique in being able to start sales conversions with customers before the phone call event starts. Companies can also allow a subtle introduction to offers and cross-promotions.

Head of Sales Tracks, Richard Jackson, believes his offering is comparable to Google’s own PPC model in terms of the options. “The volume of media inventory available each day is so massive it's actually greater than Google's "pay per click" search advertising transactions per day on the web,” he said.

More bang for buck

The company labels its solution as true mobile marketing rather than just emulating web-based marketing. Sales Tracks undertook tests against traditional media such as regional radio advertising and found its own service to provide a bigger positive impact on sales for customers at a fraction of the cost.

Advertisers using Sales Tracks have access to valuable feedback according to Jackson. “We are able to provide detailed analytics into caller behaviour as part of the service, which can provide a new dimension of customer insight,” he declared. “As well as monitoring the success of certain types of Sales Tracks content, these analytics can also help to plan resourcing and customer demand.”

Currently, Sales Tracks is offering its solution to any business user who receives calls on their mobile phone with the providers Orange, T-Mobile or Virgin. The price of the options available ranges from £1 for basic, £2 for standard and £3 for premium per month, per mobile depending on the features the advertiser requires.

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