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Traffic Captain offers optimised games campaigns

Traffic Captain offers optimised games campaigns


Game investment firm, iVentureCapital, has introduced Traffic Captain, a performance advertising network that gives developers the platform to profit from their titles. The network is offering the games industry the opportunity to monetise their mobile, social, MMO, strategy and online games.

Traffic Captain is touting itself as an international network, but at this early stage it’s concentrating on the Western Europe and North American regions. It hopes its own levels of personal communication and support services will produce optimised performance-based campaigns that will make partners stand out from the crowd.

Advertising networks with a focus on marketing mobile and online games are still a rarity, which isn’t news in itself considering the sector is still in its infancy. Traffic Captain will be looking to nurture those companies that rely on well-targeted marketing to excite gamers about a new product and ultimately coerce them into purchasing.

Separating Traffic Captain from the competition

Distinguishing itself from competitors is a priority for Traffic Captain. The 15-day pay-out positions the performance network in the upper echelons of those with a similar model. Traffic Captain aims to work with advertisers to determine the USPs in games campaigns to achieve a maximum return of investment

Traffic Captain’s Network Director, Sven Hezel, affirms that high eCPMs and quality traffic are of the utmost importance to the company. “We will continuously optimise all ongoing campaigns for high eCPMs and traffic quality by individual sources,” he said.

iVentureCaptial invests in all manner of games technology and affiliate programs. Its co-founder and Senior Partner, Michael Reul, spoke of his commitment to ensure Traffic Captain offers better service and higher profits than other networks. “Our common goal is not only to achieve good conversion rates, but above all to attract high-CLV (customer lifetime value) players, thus making Traffic Captain market leader in performance-based advertising within the games segment,” he said.

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