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A4u Programme of the Week: The Co-operative Travel

A4u Programme of the Week: The Co-operative Travel


Name: The Co-operative Travel

Contact: Sara Barber (Van Oss)


What are some developments that The Co-operative Travel has seen this year that has put it ahead of its competitors?

The three partners, Thomas Cook Group, The Co-operative Travel and Midlands Co-operative, established a joint venture on 4 October 2011 to combine their UK high street travel and foreign exchange businesses, creating the UK's largest multi-channel travel retailer.

The joint venture has around 1,100 branches across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland trading under the Thomas Cook, The Co-operative Travel, Co-op Travel, Ilkeston Co-op and Going Places brands.

The Co-operative Travel’s cruise businesses, call centres, independent consortia – which has around 150 members – business travel, website and home worker networks are all part of the joint venture.

What does this mean for your affiliates?

From our customer’s viewpoint, the two brands remain independent and both are here to stay.

We have exciting website developments coming up which will strengthen our product offering for affiliates and visibility to consumers.

The Co-operative Travel brand has a bright future and we are very excited about the development plans over the coming months and years.

What resources does The Co-operative Travel have available to its affiliates?

One of our unique offerings is that our affiliates can embed our search box directly on their website.

In addition to this, we are partnering with Affiliate Future’s new Paradigm service and are excited to be one of the launch partners. This will help our affiliates by making it easier for them to promote our services.

We like to work closely with our affiliates, helping them wherever we can and so we always welcome any suggestions which can be handled by our affiliates account manager.

Affiliates can sign up to our programme with Affiliate Future. Commission rates vary with the most commonly booked product being our package holidays at a commission rate of 3%.

Are there any exciting developments coming up with The Co-operative Travel business?

As well as the Joint Venture Program, we are increasing our top level marketing and doing a push on e-commerce throughout 2012.

We are currently investing in new technology including mobile and phase 2 of the co-operative Travel app is being developed as we speak. We are also growing our team with the addition of social media staff to enable us to better communicate with our consumers and further increase customer service levels.

The brand has a bright future and we are very excited about our development plans over the coming months and years.

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