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45% of companies use mobile marketing

45% of companies use mobile marketing


Research from StrongMail in conjunction with Zoomerang has revealed only 45% of businesses are conducting some form of mobile marketing. It found the most common techniques to be mobile websites (70%), mobile applications (55%) and QR codes (49%).

The report showed a bold adoption in mobile marketing tactics and growing budgets. Yet there are still challenges for businesses with strategy and resources holding the implementation of effective programmes back.

Areas of focus for mobile

Top areas of focus for companies are mobile landing pages (32%), mobile number capture at email sign-up (25%) and mobile optimised email templates (22%) according to the survey. More sophisticated tactics like leveraging mobile response data to optimise offers in email or other channels are only used by 29% of businesses engaged in mobile marketing.

Marketers do, however, seem to realise the importance of the mobile channel. Findings revealed that 75% of businesses not currently running programs plan to within a year or more. Of those businesses that are running programmes, 70% expect to see their budgets increase over the same time period.

Between April 11th and 23rd StrongMail sought the attitudes of 802 business leaders. Various subjects were covered including mobile marketing adoption, budgets, techniques, challenges, benefits and integration with other channels. The Mobile Marketing Survey 2012 is available to download now.

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