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Pivotal research proves display ads attract purchases

Pivotal research proves display ads attract purchases


Research by Criteo’s Business Intelligence Group has demonstrated online customers do click on display advertising and purchase products as a result. The study reveals there’s a strong correlation between those who click and those who buy and examines, for the first time, that a click on an online banner advert is a genuine expression of purchase intent.

Titled ‘Measuring the Value of Users Who Click on Online Display Ads’, the research was conducted in early March 2012. It investigated millions of users’ behaviour in order to demonstrate the value of the audience that clicks on performance display advertising campaigns. Over $11billion of e-commerce transactions and anonymised data from 142 million users who were shown a Criteo ad were analysed.

Whither the click

The study goes some way to providing a counterargument for comScore’s 2008 research, Whither the Click, which argued that clickers on display ads are, “hardly an attractive target segment for most advertisers”. In the display advertising sector, more importance is placed on a web browser’s view of a banner ad in what’s now a $33billion industry.

Criteo’s Chief Operating Office, Pascal Gauthier, was pleased with the availability of evidence showing clickers to be as valuable to banner advertising as they are search. He also discussed the correlation between a user clicking more and buying more. “This huge study demonstrates that clickers buy much more than non-clickers, and that the more a user clicks, the more they buy,” he concluded.

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